Looking for Capital? Private Equity and Venture Capital Firm Directory
Looking for Capital? Private equity firms and venture capital firms looking for entrepreneurs and businesses searching for capital investments can search Decimalpoint.com by geography and investment criteria.

DecimalPoint.com is a fee-for-use online resource serving individuals searching for capital, and those who manage it.

Our database is comprised of member Private Equity and Venture Capital firms from www.privateequity.com and are available for query by geography and investment criteria.

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Businesses and entrepreneurs looking for capital can put their business plans and executive summaries in the hands of Private Equity and Venture Capital investors matching your geographic area and/or industry and stage.

Private Equity firms can join for membership on both decimalpoint.com AND privateequity.com, choosing to be located based on geography, or through advanced query to be delivered (not emailed) business plans and/or executive summaries that best match their investment criteria.


This site DOES NOT deliver any query results in an Microsoft© Excel, comma delimited, or other spreadsheet or list format. Query results are delivered in this format.

This site DOES NOT cater to, or serve, mailing list generation, bulk marketers or any other person or service looking to take our membership list for resale or mass communication.

This site DOES NOT give any contact emails for any of our Member Firms.

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